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Math and Science Enrichment

Our E2K enrichment program in math and science, funded by the Gruss Foundation, is in full operation. This endowment program was offered to a select group of students (approximately thirty) in grades seven and eight. The objectives of E2K are to guide bright students to realize their abilities and stimulate students to be self motivated and excited about education. Watching the children building their rockets, working in groups, talking logistics, calculating sir pressure and velocity, rethinking their conclusions is beyond inspirational - it is transformational!!!

Language Enrichment
In our continuing efforts to enhance our Language Arts Curriculum, we added an exciting new program based on the Balanced Literary Model. This year grade two (once a week) is engaged in a Reader’s / Writers Workshop designed to foster love of reading and writing in an innovative approach. An enrichment program for 2nd and 3rd grades also meet once a week.

Computer Lab
Our Gruss Computer Lab services the pre-school and grades one through three with individual instruction in math and language.

Project Yud Beis
As our 6th graders anticipate becoming Bas Mitzvah, we have initiated a new program, entitled ”Project Yud Beis”. The goal of this project is to prepare the students for this milestone event in their lives, which has much more significance than just a party. The girls will have an opportunity to focus on who they are and who they aspire to be. The project includes monthly hashkafa discussions, inspiring guest speakers and creative arts and craft projects. Throughout this yearlong project, the girls will assemble a scrapbook, keeping track of all they have attained. An exciting highlight to look forward to, is the the Mid-year Mother/Daughter Bas Mitzvah Evening

You Can’t say you can’t play and no child left out”

A new program was launched; “You can’t say you can’t play and no child left out.” In September, signs with this slogan were mounted throughout the school, in hallways and classrooms, for children to read and internalize. No “bullying” will be tolerated in our Yeshiva! Lessons using role playing, sensitivity, and awareness of feelings were demonstrated in all the classrooms. We hope this middah of “accepting others” will be extended to other areas of human behavior.


Healthy Cookbook
Nutrition and healthy living is an area that our first graders are experts in. They are publishing a healthy cookbooks chock full of nutritious recipes, which should be out in time for Shavuos. They also had a Food Fair, where a smorgasbord of healthy food brought in by the girls, was on display.

Grades 6-8 trace the course Jewish History from Berias Haolam through Today. They then take a test of 100 questions for which they can get sponsors for each question.The money raised is given to Tzedaka

Kesser Shem Tov
As you enter the halls of our Yeshiva, a dazzling display of Kesser Shem Tov Awardees greets you. Students who excelled in middos and tefillah are pictured with the certificates of honor presented to them by Mrs. Schapiro, on our “Kesser SHem Tov Award Board”

Achosi – Big and Little ‘Sis
A friendly and familiar face means a lot, especially to our sensitive first graders. Each first grader is paired with a 7th grader who will be supportive and share special moments together.

Learn-a-Continent One At a Time
A new geography concept has been introduced. Each grade will focus in-depth on one continent throughout the year. Upon reaching 8th grade, the students will have covered all the continents.

Radio Show
Our Bi-weekly radio shows are an entertaining broadcast into the classrooms (via the school intercom). Erev Shabbos, the eighth graders report school news and events and teach the weekly hilchos Shabbos. They also include “PPY moments” which are notable actions of chessed, kindness and derech eretz performed by our students.

The girls are actively involved in the yearlyChai Lifeline Chanukah Toy Drive. Once again our Yeshiva is the forerunner of some wonderful programs.