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Rabbi Avrohom Kelman/Right
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We are prouder than ever about the "Hisorerus" that infuses our students. We aim to instill in our girls Hashkofos HaTorah, a delight and excitement in using all their talents, and a sense of joy in assuming their mantle as future Mothers of K'lal Yisrael.

We are educating our girls not only for who they are now, but for the largest possible vision of themselves. We educate them for our conception of what the future might bring them as women of K'lal Yisrael in the next generation.

We encourage our girls how to have fun. We tap into their deep reservoirs of simple, spontaneous joy. Additionally, they enjoy a whole host of "formal fun activities" that have become integral to our high school: Purim Chagigos, Chanukah Chagigos, Lag B'Omer trips, Grade Shabbatonim, G.O. activities, Motzei Shabbos activities -- and so much more!

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