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In addition to a full curriculum of Torah, Nevi'im, Kesuvim, Halacha, Yahadus, Safa, and Historia, taught by renowned Rabbonim and Mechanchim, we offer:

Advanced Chumash, Parshas Mishpotim- Rabbi E. Stern (elective). Rich in source material, opening unparalleled vistas of thought.

Churban Europe- Mrs. Leba Perlow- The history of prewar Europe and WWII, the Torah perspective on the Churban, personal narratives, This course speaks to the head, the heart, and the soul.

Elementary and Intermediate Yiddish -Mrs. Rivka Rottenberg Stern (elective). Yiddish language becomes intertwined with the richness of the world it represents. Our students become fluent auditors and speakers of Yiddish.

In addition to a full Regents Curriculum, we offer advanced elective courses in:

Music Appreciation
Choral Music
Public Speaking
Graphic Arts
Computer Applications: Our students are required to take three years of Computer Applications courses and are offered a fourth, optional year.

Our Gemach program, under the guidance of Nechama Shreibman, has become a standard bearer for its success at creating Ba'alos Chesed and Oskos B'Tzarchei Tzibbur.
Our girls are deeply involved in a myriad junctions and services that impact demonstrably on the lives of so many:

sharing our hopes and ideals with girls from other backgrounds via a host of Kiruv organizations;

dealing with the special needs of those within our community through creatively conceived fun prjects;

and our many unique programs to enhance the lives of the homebound and elderly.

Jewish Affairs Committee:
Engaging girls in becoming involved and committed to the needs of Jews around the world.
Operating within the parameters of appropriateness far a Bas Yisrael.
We strive to instill a sense of involvement and commitment our girls will tap for life.

Supplemental Academic activities:
Semi-annual school-wide Writing assessment
Foreign language performance assemblies
Music performance assembly
Guidance for Post-High School Education: Kodesh and Chol

A sample of our out of school activities to supplement classroom learning:
A trip to New York City Philharmonic rehearsal
A trip to the New York Museum of Jewish Heritage
A yearly trip to the Holocaust Museum, Washington. D.C.
A trip to the Planetarium of the Museum of Natural History
A trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art

School-wide Activity:
Biennial school-wide Shabbaton in a Catskill retreat
Biennial school-wide Sing/Color War
Biennial school-wide concert- Ranin
Biennial school-wide Shalosh-Seudos
Formally scheduled intra-school and inter-school machanayim games
Motzei Shabbos Melava Malka and roller skating
Yearly grade Shabbatonim in Flatbush and Lakewood
Chanukah and Purim Chagigos
Chol HaMoed and inter-session trips - Apple picking, fishing in Sheepshead Bay
Outdoor sports

Surprise entertainment
Walks to Marine Park
Kite flying in Marine Park
Autumn walks on the beach.
In-school bowling, jump rope, hopscotch, ping pong, darts, indoor carnival, moonwalk, slide
Spontaneous pizza parties, kumzitzen


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