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Seminary Option Morning for our 12th graders and their parents
A standard and very long-standing October feature in Bnos Leah High School is our Seminary Options program. In a brisk, information-packed two hour session, we introduce 12th graders and their parents to seminary options in America and in Israel. We give precise information on scholarships and programs which help pay the cost All of us, seminary representatives, administrators and Bnos Leah parents discuss frankly the challenges posed by a year away from home to finding the right match between student and school.

It’s good for our hardworking students to get some fresh air every now and then, so various outings are scheduled throughout the year. Class trips have included visits to Ellis Island, theAviation Museum and the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia.

Guest Speakers
New and interesting speakers have always been a part of the school. In the past we have been privileged to hear from Rabbi Davidowitz, Chevi Gartinkel, Rabbi Dovid Orlofsky, Rabbi Y. Milstein, Rebbetzin S. Meisels (daughter of the Bobover Rebbe, Z”tzal), Mrs. Gila Manolson, and others.

As this year’s G.O. goes for the goal, they’re helping our girls search for the treasure within.

Mishmeres, a program started by the Chofetz Chaim Heritage Foundation, is a program that has Onr “Mishmeres Mondays” a new focus of the week is introduced together with a jingle, a handout, or a game to help the girls adopt this awareness for at least a week or maybe longer. One example was “Es Chavercha al tadin”. The girls were invited to switch shoes with someone for a couple of hours and see what it means to put yourself in someone else’s shoes.

The Jewish Affairs Committee’s expanded agenda includes keeping the school informed of all Jewish communal activities in Eretz Yisroel and around the world. They have arranged Tehilim groups and Tzedaka collections for various families of victims. At the JAC Opening Assemby, a survivor of 9/11 and a terrorist attack in Israel recounted her unbelievable story.

Gemach’s philosophy in Prospect Park is to get everyone involved in doing something meaningful outside of themselves, whether it’s the girls who regularly tutor or the ones who organize programs for Otzar, Ahi Ezer, Beer Hagolah, Nefesh, HASC or JEP. This year’s program was launched with a panel featuring women who work for various Chesed organization.