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Bnos Leah Nursery
is the newest addition to Prospect Park Yeshiva. Under the guidance of Elky Federman, who has 27 years of teaching and administrative experience, the nursery is a model of age-appropriate activity in a beautiful, calm atmosphere.

Nursery Specialities:

* Beautiful, Modern Facility

 * Limited class size-15 children per class

* Experienced, Loving Teachers

* Classes Divided into Centers of Learning

* Weekly Brain Gym, Music, Baking Activities

* State-of-the-Art Play areas

Language Development
is encouraged through hands-on activities. Children discuss things as they occur. For example, the children have been watching the construction of a neighborhood building. They discuss the tools and materials that are used, as well as the protective clothing worn by the workmen. This also inspires amazing architectural creations in the block center. We focus on topics that interest  children.

Father-Daughter Workshop

Recently, the fathers and grandfathers were invited to join their daughters for a day of Shabbos fun at a unique workshop. Braiding Challahs, writing books, collaging, making candlesticks out of clay, and playing matching games were some of the many activities that the fathers and daughters were able to share in our relaxed, organized setting. It was a memory-filled morning!

Midos are emphasized
and practiced in each class. Hachnosas Orchim became real to the children when they baked cupcakes and then invited the other class to join them for a Rosh Chodesh treat. If a classmate is ill, the children call to wish her a "Refuah Shelaima" For Purim, the girls will prepare Mishloach Manos for hospitalized children. Every day provides opportunities for acts of kindness. 

Our curriculum
is filled with opportunities to explore. Discoveries are made daily with  clay, sand, blocks and other manipulatives. The girls work at their own unhurried pace. singing is heard everywhere! Our well-stocked art areas enable the children to express their individuality. The classrooms are decorated with the children's artwork and they and they are so proud of their accomplishments. 

Share the Nachas of the Nursery
with us. Come take a peek at the calm yet exciting-world of Bnos Leah Nursery. Whether it's a trip to Caeser Bay to say Tashlic, sitting in their own class Succah, or taking a walk around the block to admire Hashem's creations, the children of Bnos Leah Nursery are continuing the tradition of excellence at Prospect park yeshiva.