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We instill a love of Torah right from the start. "The Sweet Way" That's the Preschool motto. The children are in a rich, stimulating, Torah environment, and loving every moment of it.

"In our partnership of directors, teachers, and children, we feel it is important for all of us to work on building our children's self esteem. When a child feels proud of herself and her work, it encourages her to do well in school and to put care and effort into what she does."

  -Ahuvi Weinberger-


• The Parsha comes to life at our school
Parshas HaShavua comes alive in each classroom; from B'reishis Exploration to Parshas Noach Zoo, You never know what will happen next.

• Middos Programs
As they say, one good Middos fair leads to another Middos fair! "It was one of the most amazing things I've ever seen!" gushed one grandmother. At the end of the every year, we celebrate a gala Middos fair as a combination of all the beautiful Middos learned in preschool.

•Monthly Trips - we go on exciting trips, or the trips come to us!
From the Jewish children's Museum, Puppet Shows, Fire Station Trip...it's all about having children experience the learning, in a fun and exciting way. Parents are invited to come along too, to share in the adventure!

• PTA Mother-Daughter Breakfast

The Mother Daughter PTA breakfast has become a wonderful, and delicious tradition that we felt privileged to take part in.


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