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Smaller Warmer Classes
Our kindergarden classes are kept small to ensure a high teacher/student relation. This means more individualized attention for each child, and a calm and cozy environment.

New & Exciting Additions to our Curriculum:
Alpha Aerobics are 3 minute dances and chants that personify each letter of the Aleph Bais. What fun it is to watch the children as they gleefully shape their bodies in the form of the letter, hippety hopping for Hey and zigging and zagging for Zayin.

Brain Gym® is a program of physical activities that enhance learning ability, improving mental and physical focus. Twice a week, each class will enjoy a special activity with a Brain Gym Instructor. Our teachers also underwent a training session to learn how they can implement different exercises into their daily routine.

Parshas Hashawah Made Real
Parsha lessons in Prospect Park pre-school are not dry and factual; our students actually live them, week after week. Through creative activities,story telling and role playing, the Parshiot unfold in a most dramatic fashion. When the children learned about Noach and all the wildlife in the Teivah, an actual petting zoo came straight to our door. It was an unforgettable lesson.

What Pre-School Learning Centers Are All About
Under the direction of the Pre-school Director, Mrs. Ahuvie Weinberger, a new educational method was introduced last year. Five to seven learning centers were set up in each classroom; a building, math, kitchen, reading, printing, drama and art center. After learning a subject in a traditional, interactive group lesson, the class is divided into smaller groups with each group assigned to a different center. The groups rotate from center to center where whatever topic they are learning is reinforced again and again, each time through a different method of play. The different mediums make learning fun, stimulating and exciting and by the time the children are done, they know their material thoroughly, and are definitely not bored.

Middos Program
Meet Chanie Chesed and the Middos Program! In our preschool, Middos is our #1 priority. We model it, teach it and reinforce it at every possible opportunity. Every Rosh Chodesh, we have a "Magic Middos Show" where Chanie Chesed introduces a middah oh the month.
Throughout the month, children bring in Middah notes which are proudly displayed on our Chanie Chesed Bulletin Board.
Parent Partnership
We encourage a strong parent partnership, Through weekly classroom newsletters, PTA quarterly tale-conferences and a monthly preschool bulletin, there's a constant give and take between teachers and parents. That is because we know that communication is the "key to success"! 
Hebrew Language Program
Our Hebrew language enrichment program is a fabulous success! Twice a week the e children go to the Hebrew Language Room where they are totally immersed in Hebrew, led by a Hebrew Specialty teacher. She was specially trained in "Eretz Yisroel in Rhythmical" a method of teaching through music, movement and dance. The Hebrew is not limited to a twice a week experience. The classroom teachers reinforce the vocabulary learned in the classrooms.
"Eizeh Yofi"

Matzah, Matzah Everywhere!
As part of our Pesach learning experience, all classes are treated to exciting trips to the hands-on Matzah Bakery on Ocean Ave. and the famous Crown Heights Matzah Bakery on Albany Ave.

Spreading the Chanukah Spirit: Singing for the seniors
It has become a Chanukah tradition at Bnos Leah Pre-school, that our PRe-1a girls entertain the seniors at the Young Israel of Midwood Senior Center. After their heartwarming performance, one member of the audience exclaimed “We could listen to your lovely voices for another hour!”

Building the Bais Hamikdash, Brick by Brick

Before Asora B’Teves, each child created her own mitzvah brick depicting a mitzvah of her choice. Each class then added their bricks, one by one, to our giant “Kosel of Mitzvos” near the office, while singing a special Asora B’Teves song.

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